Forced Feminisation - Feminisation and Sissification Videos - Page 11

Sexy brunette Misterss Emely forces her slave to smell her sweaty nasty white socks that she has had on since the previous day. The dirty white socks came straight from the laundry bin so they are very ripe from when she was at that party last night. She shoves the smelly socks right into her loser slaves nose and mouth forcing him to breathe in the ripe sweaty smell of them

Miss deeane has an anniversary gift for you. It has been one year since she was impressed by your looks and undressed for you only to find out about your small useless cock. Now she returns on that anniversary to give you a nice gift in memory of the event. The gift is something very small to remind you about that small thing between your legs that serves no use

The gorgeous redhead with the perfect tits Sarah Blake has a proposition for you. You must drink the cum out of the plastic jar and get nothing in return from her. that is the deal loser slave. The only thing you get from this sexy woman is a chance to be near her and stare at her perfect round tits stuffed in her tight pink shirt to tease and frustrate you

Sophia is one of the hottest new dommes on the scene and today she has a tight little jean shorts hard to totally tease you into frustration. But you have to stay in chastity so that means no hard on for a loser slave like you. You got to keep it in your pants and better not get aroused watching the sexy Sophia strut around in her tight jean shorts

Princess has a nice little present for slave boys like you. She has a hard cock complete with balls for you to suck on today. She holds the dick between her hands and forces you to suck on on it as she rocks it back and forth in your slave mouth. You must suck long and hard on her simulated dick until cum spurts out of the head for her.

This hot girl dressed in her red dress and sparkly stiletto heels mocks and humiliates you for that tiny thing between your legs you call a penis. She sits back in her chair and laughs at you that such a small thing can exist on a man. She wants to know how many women have turned you down for sex once they got a look at that thing between your legs

Before you get to set your eyes on the gorgeous Lisa Jordan dressed in her purple thong showing her perfect ass cheeks you must have your diaper on. You must be totally humiliated and submissive wearing your adult diaper full of shit before getting to watch this beauty in action. You have to whatever the sexy Lisa Jordan says before being able to look at her. That's just the way it is

This sexy redhead with her huge g cup tits turns you on with her giant tits and then abuses you by making fun of your tiny small dick. She knows she is getting you totally aroused with her huge melons but you can't do anything about but stare and play with your tiny dick. She knocks you into submission with pantyhose, ass and great looking cleavage in her red dress.

Mistress Vampira domiantes her female slave by taking her out of the pool and chaining her up against the wall. She force shaves her slave as she is chained up and wrapped to the wall with no escape. Domina lady Vampira hates the sun so she makes her slave wash her car in the middle of the broad daylight. The slave washes her car dressed in her sexy bathing suit

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