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Kendra enjoys making her slaves go through her sissification process. She knows that they will be humiliated and she will have fun and that is what makes her like this process of punishing and humiliating them

Mistress BlackDiamoond wanted to humiliate her two slaves. She had done it all before, and she wanted a new way to do it. She got an idea and loved it. She made one slave lie on his stomach and then tied him up, then ordered the other slave to finger the tied slave in the ass. The mistress then forced him to fuck the tied slave in the ass hard.

Sexy brunette Mistress Emily humiliates you about that tiny small thing between your legs that you call a pecker. she feels so bad for you that you have to walk around with such a small penis that she grants you permission to look at her for a few minutes and play with yourself with that small dick. She knows you never get laid with that thing so this is it

The very pretty brunette Mistress Poison Ivy loves to humiliate all of her slaves and she many a story to tell about asserting her will and dominance over the. This sexy brunette shows off her gorgeous bare feet as she slips out of her heels to tease and get you aroused. One of mistress Ivy's favorite things to do to her slaves is to flick her boogers at their faces

Sexy brunette Misterss Emely forces her slave to smell her sweaty nasty white socks that she has had on since the previous day. The dirty white socks came straight from the laundry bin so they are very ripe from when she was at that party last night. She shoves the smelly socks right into her loser slaves nose and mouth forcing him to breathe in the ripe sweaty smell of them

This sexy redhead with her huge g cup tits turns you on with her giant tits and then abuses you by making fun of your tiny small dick. She knows she is getting you totally aroused with her huge melons but you can't do anything about but stare and play with your tiny dick. She knocks you into submission with pantyhose, ass and great looking cleavage in her red dress.

Sexy blonde goddess Amyleen Moore humiliates you about your average sized cock. Sitting in her black bra and getting you aroused with her very big tits Amyleen tells you how average size cocks are even worse than tiny ones because you think you are a real man with that thing between your legs. Byt the truth of the matter is you can't satisfy any woman with that thing and you know it

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