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This mistress took the sissy and wanted to make him a real man. He must endure the pain and the torture she has planned to inflict on him will determine whether he's a real man or not. She bound him up and then tied a chain on his nipples and his balls then pulled it hard. He screamed in pain but she was getting started. She also made him lie down and then took a dump on his face.

The diva Dior makes fun of you all day for your pathetic small dick that you never get laid with. She laughs at your miniscule member and tells you what a loser you are for walking around with a small thing like that between your legs. It is a small penis humiliation as you get put down and degraded by this hot brunette who makes fun of your small issues

This hot girl dressed in her red dress and sparkly stiletto heels mocks and humiliates you for that tiny thing between your legs you call a penis. She sits back in her chair and laughs at you that such a small thing can exist on a man. She wants to know how many women have turned you down for sex once they got a look at that thing between your legs

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